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RJS Loan Solutions is part of the RJ Sanderson & Associates group. We have been successfully providing clients with finance solutions for many years. We specialise in all areas of finance including motor vehicle, business, investment and home loans.

Our extensive expertise and practical understanding of our clients has enabled us to expand our portfolio of products we can offer. We have access to over 50 Lenders and have a large portfolio of products to choose from to ensure you have the best available to suit your needs.

We are members of MFAA and AFCA, our Finance Brokers are highly experienced across a range of complex lending deals. We have a number of office representation across Victoria.

We are a local business providing unbiased advice in the lending market. Our service is FREE – there are no fees payable to us as Registered Finance Brokers as our fees are paid by the Lenders.

FIVE reasons to choose a RJS Loan Solutions Finance Broker?

1. Independent Advice - Our Finance Brokers are salaried employees of RJ Sanderson & Associates and driven by client best interest not Lender’s fees
2. Trusted relationship – Our Finance Brokers work alongside your Accountant/Tax Advisor at RJ Sanderson & Associates
3. Choice – Our Finance Brokers have access to over 50 lenders/100+ loan products whilst a bank branch can ONLY offer their own products. Many major banks have moved away from SMSF loans.
4. Continuity – We are NOT a one-person Broker business. We have a team of Finance Brokers, we offer continuity of service even if one of our Broker is unexpectedly away.
5. Highest standards – Our Finance Brokers are Diploma qualified, member of MFAA/FBAA and AFCA. In addition, they need to maintain the highest educational standard through continuous professional development requirement

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