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Car Loans & Personal Loans

RJS Loan Solutions have access to a range of car lenders whether you are buying a new or used car. Loans can be secured (by the asset) or unsecured (likely to attract a higher rate).

In addition we can also offer personal loans and business vehicle financing such as Chattel Mortgages and Equipment Financing (machinery, forklift etc).

Top tips:
1. Pre-approval - Pre-approval means having your loan approved before you find the car you would like to buy. This means you can shop around for your new/used car with peace of mind knowing what you can afford.
2. Total costs - Make sure you consider the total cost of the loan over time, for example break costs and monthly charges, not just the monthly repayment or interest rate.
3. Type of car loans – we can assist with loans for purchase of cars, motor bikes, caravans or boats.